Alfredo Marques was born in the  Guanabara State (today Rio de Janeiro State), at that time the capital of  Brasil. He began  his academic training at the Universidade Federal de São Carlos (1979-1984) where he was the sixth student of the CNPq Iniciação Cientifica program at the Chemistry Department. He worked under the supervision  of Dr. José Tércio Barbosa Ferreira (1952-1997).  In 1988 he got his Master degree working with the synthesis of symmetrical and asymmetrical organotellurides. In the same year he started his PhD program at DQ-UFSCar, with a two year stage at the University of Michigan under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Joseph Paul Marino and finish his PhD thesis in 1992. In 1992 he moved to Curitiba to work at the Departamento de Química of the Universidade Federal do Paraná where he developed his career. His main interests are in the development of new methods for the the synthesis of molecules with biological activity.